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You can find and purchase the parts of the vehicle imported from Japan.

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Q&A(Frequently Asked Questions)

Our Company's Service

Q : What services do you offer here?
A : It is an EC site that sells various Genuine parts of Japanese cars which are hard to obtain.
Our Service is being used from all over the world such as Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
Q : Business hour
A : Monday-Friday 10:00-19:00
Q : Does your customer support phone call or any choice?
A : Yew we do !! And we have Whatsapp messenger service also! Don’t hesitate contac to us !
TEL +8175-7487964 / Whatsapp +818038207951

About Fee and Payment Methods

Q : What's sort of payment can I use?
A : Please refer to this link here.
Q : How to confirm the remittance after payment?
A : We will order the manufacturer after payment is confirmed. Please be assured we will contact the schedule after ordering.
Q : Can you issue a Receipt?
A : Yes we can! since I will issue an invoice, print it out and please use it.

About Products confirmation

Q : If the part number changes, how can I check the conformity?
A : When introducing a new number, it is compatible with the old number, so there is no problem with the installation, but please contact us if you absolutely want the old number.
Q : How to know about vehicle information ?
A : Please refer to this link here.
Q : How to know about parts number ?
A : Please refer to this link here.
Q : Are those products for the Right-hand drive vehicles ?
A : The parts we sell are for the Japanese market, so they are right handle specifications.
Q : I would like to buy discontinued products
A : Car makers do not manufacture obsolete parts. It will be looking for second - hand or external goods, but the possibility of finding it will be low.
Q : Can you send picture ?
A : Sometimes it is possible to send sample images, but basically we do not have pictures at our company because we order new items from manufacturers.
Q : Can you provide used item ?
A : It depends on parts. Consumables such as rubber parts and gaskets are not offered in second hand.
Q : Is the estimate free?
A : The estimate is free. We can estimate the shipping fee together with the items we can supply (import tax and charge is not included)
Q : Can you supply parts other than japan market?
A : Depending on parts, parts for other countries can be taken. Toyota cars, Nissan cars and parts of Subaru cars can be confirmed. However please inquire each time.

About purchase question

Q : How to buy from this web site ?
A : Please refer to this link here.
Q : I want to make an order over the phone, is this possible?
A : We do not allow purchases over the phone. This is to prevent problems that may arise from miscommunication.Contact us here
Q : Can I return the goods and cancel my order ?
A : Goods are not returnable (Except the quality issue) and orders cannot be canceling.
For issues concerning defective products, please contact our customer service directly for the goods return.
In the event that an order is return to Japan due to miss delivery, the customer may be charged shipping fees.
Q : Is this price included shipping cost?
A : Basically we will send you a confirmation email containing the final price (item price + shipping fees).

About Packaging Forwarding

Q : I would like to know the delivery method.
A : We can provide DHL and EMS, Fedex's way. and then we will also consult about other delivery methods!
Q : How long will it take for items to arrive at my place?
A : In most cases, The shipment will arrive within 3 to 7 business days. But it depends on the country. Please refer to this link here.
Q : How long will it take to ship after purchasing?
A : If the manufacturer has stock, we will ship in 2-3 business days.
Q : Can I track the shipping?
A : Please refer to this link here.
Q : Which countries can ship to?
A : Please refer to this link here.
Q : Can I choose a particular date to receive my package on?
A : Sorry..This is not available.
Q : I want you to send only the inventory items ahead of time
A : Additional costs will be charged if you divide shipping more than once.
Q : Is there any other cheap delivery method?
A : We basically guide you on the cheapest shipping fee, but in the case of large parts we may suggest a shipping method from the ocean.
Q : How about tariffs? Or is it included in the price?
A : You will be required to pay a tariff, Please contact your customs office for more information.
Q : Is Insurance available?
A : We insure damage and loss for all shipping.
Q : What if the product is delivered to my home when I’m not there?
A : It is usually required that you sign a document when the package arrives at your home. If for some reason, you were not home and were unable to sign for the product, please request a redelivery. Please be careful. In several countries, if the product is not signed off, even after multiple attempts by the delivery company then the product will be returned back overseas where it came from.
Q : My goods stopped at customs, what should I do?
A : Please contact the customs office with confirmation of your delivery number and purchase order.

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